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Savor the rich flavors of tradition at Spice Circle - Desi Tadka

Plan your dining experience at Spice Circle - Desi Tadka. Each and every items at Spice Circle - 100% Halal is prepared with fresh ingredients, and unique/exciting recipe to treat your taste buds.

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Spice Circle - Newly Opened Desi Tadka / 100% Halal

Welcome to Spice Circle with Desi Tadka, a culinary haven in Falls Church, dedicated to bringing you the rich and authentic taste of Desi flavors. Indulge in our daily Desi Nasta for breakfast, featuring delights like Lacha Paratha Omelette, Halwa Puri, Sunny Shine Egg, and Parathas. Explore our diverse menu offering Desi Favorites such as Kabob Platters, Naan, Karahi/Handis/Shawarma, and savor the fusion of American Flavors with our Burgers, Subs & Salads. Join us on a gastronomic journey where every dish is 100% Halal and crafted to delight your taste buds.
We encourage you to visit us soon. Our attentive wait staff looks forward to serving you. Make your reservations early for parties of 6 & more. Call us at (571) 378-1241.

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